Why Elurra? Translated Elurra means Snow

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been fascinated with snow, from my skating coach who always wore a snowflake broach to the winter wonderlands on drives up to my brother’s hockey tournaments. I enjoyed the beautiful singularity of each snowflake and wanted to imitate that.
Paris became interested in jewelry because she found it the purest portrayal of an individual as jewelry isn’t a functional garment but rather a choice by the wearer, a reflection of one’s inner self, one’s history, and one’s dreams.


The Jewelry & Designer At Elurra, each piece is inspired by the wonderous women of the past, including medieval women, Greek temples, and Nordic mythology. When wearing our pieces, we hope women embrace the qualities of these heroines like perseverance, passion, and creativity to transform any ordinary day into an adventure.

"Snow also represents what I hope our community at Elurra Jewelry can become."

For Paris, life has always been as a series of adventures. Even at her college, Wesleyan University, she loves to explore the curriculum, taking classes from Greek mythology to social entrepreneurship. She hopes the Elurra jewelry community will not only participate in her adventures but be inspired to pursue their own. As only through a gathering of unique snowflakes can a beautiful snowfall be accomplished.

Elurra jewelry logo For the logo, I wanted to create a visual representation of my snowflake. The design takes inspiration from two Nordic symbols that embody me and the company. Heart: to evoke courage and warmth and Hope: to evoke an uplifted spirit, perseverance, and positivity.